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Collect as much raw user behavior data as possible, as early as possible. You might not use it all right off the bat, but down the line your metrics will get more granular, and you’ll want as much historical detail as you can get. The best way to keep pace is to regularly revisit how you calculate funnel performance metrics. But inevitably things change, and this simple exercise becomes more complex as your SaaS company grows.

Standard time decay gives the least credit to the first touch, but for Envoy, top-of-funnel awareness is a big driver of growth that should be accounted for. In a standard time decay attribution model, all touchpoints get some credit, but touchpoints that are closer to the conversion get more.

This is calculated by setting a decay half-life and then normalizing touchpoints to add up to 1 (or 100%). So , the second version was a custom time decay attribution model that gave weight to touches all along the buyer’s journey. This is complicated by the fact that when you change devices, you’ll have a different anonymous_id.

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When you define your funnel’s key metrics, you can make informed business decisions and set a north star. Setting goals is necessary to understand whether your marketing mix is working the way you want it to. You should be able to estimate a reasonable number of conversions based on how many leads you add at the top. The third personalization area to consider is the prospect’s persona. Often the buying decision doesn’t rest with just one person, so there are multiple personas to consider.

Usually, asking open-ended questions is better than asking for a prescriptive data pull. In the majority of companies, marketers need to work with analysts and engineering teams to instrument their applications, create reliable funnel reporting, and answer ad hoc questions. It varies widely from business to business, but we asked Unbounce, Algolia, Typeform, and Envoy what they track. This exercise is more fruitful with more data, so one key tip is to track everything.

So , let’s say your user was using their mobile device to read all your content for a few months, and then they finally sat down at their desk at work to sign up. Typeform was founded in 2012 and according to Sançar, their growth has been very product-driven, thanks to a “Powered by” button on their “typeforms” that creates a viral loop of signups. You start to invest more money in marketing, including big-budget traditional channels and new experimental channels.

You want to know where you should be investing more and what you should turn off. For example , if you ask how many people invite other people in the sign-up flow, there’s no “why. ” You’ll probably just get a number. The way that these questions are asked makes all the difference in getting truly helpful answers.