History Selling Website

Although this article is written in 2005, the advice and suggestions are still useful today. Take the time to realise that your site is NOT going to make you rich overnight. Since April this year, I’ve had approximately 100 visitors a day, and I haven’t really done much to advertise it apart from YouTube and my students in my school. I also give out business cards or leave them anywhere with my site URL on. I started my website back in December 2007 and have already changed the design 3 times. The more marketing required to make it work, the less it will sell for.

Selling From Website

You should never provide a potential buyer with sketchy or incomplete information – after that you’ll play catch up the entire time and the buyer will most likely lose trust in you. There’s some really useful points in there, particularly the part about providing after-sale support. As a buyer I would think twice before paying a traditional “multiple of earnings” or “multiple of revenues” purchase price calculation for the typical ad-supported blog site. A blog needs regular updating to maintain its value over time. Also, the updating has a certain personal flavor to it, and not everyone can maintain readers’ interest. I open to offers for the sale of this site if anyone is interested – it will be completed and hosted for a year with a full admin module for back end changes to be made.

To sell your site, you could always try the old eBay. I’ve just purchased a listing at SitePoint but not sure if it’s the right place to be. Hi Michael – Sitepoint is certainly the market leader but that doesn’t always mean you will get the best price. The sitepoint audience is by no means all inclusive so depending on what type of site you have it may be worthwhile trying elsewhere to get maximum return. Sitepoint will do good things for your exposure though. One thing you might want to mention is using an escrow service. I have sold a few websites in the past and have always used escrow unless the buyer doesn’t mind wiring the funds straight to you.

I have this accounting software website I’m looking to sell now, but I can’t really make estimations. If I spend a week chatting to clients and sending e-mails, i can make with it like $2000 or so… otherwise nada. My new site is a weight loss community that was built to sell.

Web company is a complex task and presently there are lots of internet tools which you may become using and possess even forgot regarding. I chose to create myself readily available for the long time plus even today We still help sometimes.

You might would like to play it safe plus document the mandatory time period you must offer support. Write upward some type of formal agreement with dates plus agreed upon price plus have all parties signal it. Obviously in case you are finishing a large bucks offer then get your self a lawyer to ensure you stay upon top from the lawful concerns.

Control profiles, send newsletters, control funds, create, add and remove ad banners etc . Unfortunately, due to health issues in my life, I am forced to sell the project as I will not be able to manage it. I quite like peekstats. com to establish the worth of the websites. Basicly to obtain a rough estimate you may make its monthly income, mulitply by twelve and thats this sell value. Certainly worth considering in case you operate within an industry that will advances in brief durations.

Also, our site has some authority on valuable search terms. That adds further value someone else might benefit from. Like anything else when you try to sell something, it will always depend on what the market will bare. — Also, I strongly recommmend using Escrow. com to handle the payment, unless you know the person you sell to. However, I have never been too interested in web hosting and I got bored with the whole thing. And as I lost interest in the site it also made me less money.